Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

The Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular Department at HHUMC is considered one of the best centers in the region. The first heart transplant operation was successfully performed at HHUMC. The cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons are leaders in their field and are considered a reference in the country.

Physician's NameE-mail
Firas Ali drfirasali074@gmail.com
Firas El Bitar firaselbitar@yahoo.fr
Najib Assi assinajib@gmail.com
Ramzi Abi Akar ramzi.abiakar@gmail.com
Tedy Georges tedygclinic@gmail.com



The Department of Otolaryngology (ENT)/Head and Neck at HHUMC is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment related to problems of the ear, nose, sinus, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery. 

Physician's NameE-mail
Abdullah Kanaan dr.akanaan@hotmail.com
Jamal Serhal dr.jamal.serhal@gmail.com
Mazen Hammoud hammoudmazen@hotmail.com
Mohamed Ali Natoutdr_manatout@hotmail.com 


General Surgery 

General surgeons perform consultations and surgery on medical problems involving the breast, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, colon, liver, pancreas and rectum. The general surgeons at HHUMC are among the most experienced groups in the country. 

Physician's NameE-mail
Ali Khalildr alikhalil@hotmail.com
Elias Ghafaridrghafari@hotmail.com
Ghassan Ramadandr_g_ramadan@yahoo.com
Halim Abdul El Zein aelzein73@yahoo.com
Kalakech Mouinessdr.m.kalakech@hotmail.com
Kassem Shmayssani kshmaissany@hammoudhospital.com
Mohamad El Sayyad drmsayyad07@yahoo.com
Mounier Shebbomounir60@hotmail.com
Nasser Hammoudhammoudn@hammoudhospital.com
Walid Ambriss dr.ambriss@gmail.com


Head and Neck Surgery

Physician's NameE-mail
Ali Khalife alimed84@hotmail.com
Anis Mradanis.mrad@hotmail.com
Mashlab Haidardrhaidarmashlab@gmail.com



The Department of Maxillofacial Surgery provides consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to patients with problems of the oral cavity and maxillofacial region.

Physician's NameE-mail
Khalife Husseindr.khalife14@gmail.com


HHUMC offers the latest advances in neurosurgical care, including vital and technically demanding procedures that help adults and children with complex and severe conditions.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Aoude  aoude79@gmail.com
Ammar Shmaisanidrshmaisani@hotmail.com
Elie Louakelielouak.el@gmail.com
Ibrahim Omeisiomeis@hhumc.org.lb
Joseph Salamehcontact@drsalame.com
Mohamed SaadNA
Raafat Yahyarryahya@hotmail.com
Tannous Bassilbassilmedlab@hotmail.com


Orthopedic Surgery

At HHUMC, your team of orthopedic surgery experts uses the latest techniques and technologies to improve care for people with musculoskeletal conditions for adults and children.

Physician's NameE-mail
Abdallah Hassan hasanaabdallah@hotmail.com
Abdel Hassan Nour El Ddein ahassan_nour@yahoo.fr
Ahmad Abou Zeid dr.aabouzeid@gmail.com
Houssam El Samra samra.hossam@gmail.com
Houssam Khaled khaled.houssam@gmail.com
Khaled Abdullah dr.khaledabdallah@gmail.com
Maroun Bou Harb marounbouharb@gmail.com
Mazen Fayyadmazenafayad@hotmail.com
Mohamad Khalil mk_L2000@yahoo.com
Mohammad El Skafi dr.skafi@gmail.com
Msheik Mohamad mohammadmshiek@gmail.com
Toni Hayek hayektoni@hotmail.com
Wajih Zaiour w.zaiour@hotmail.com
Yasser Yaghi yaghiy@hammoudhospital.com


Pediatric Cardiology

With a highly experienced team from Cardiologist, Intensivists and technicians, our Pediatric Cardiology Department provides the best treatment for congenital heart diseases from fetal life to adulthood. Our experts are here to serve your child from diagnosis to treatment. Our department performed hundreds of successful Open Heart surgeries for children with heart diseases. 

Physician's NameE-mail
Elie Sawanelie_sawan@hotmail.com
Nasser Audidr.nasser.audi@gmail.com


Pediatric Surgery 

At HHUMC Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, we provide quality care for conditions that affect the muscles, tendons, joints and bones of children and adolescents. Our surgeons and staff use the latest methods, research and technology to provide affordable care tailored to your child's needs.

Physician's NameE-mail
Omar Mohamed HabliNA


Plastic Surgery

At HHUMC, we perform reconstructive plastic surgeries to correct facial and bodily abnormalities caused by birth defects, injuries, diseases, or aging. We also have a highly specialized team of doctors to perform plastic surgeries for aesthetic reasons as well as the rehabilitation of cancer patients. 

Physician's NameE-mail
Rabih Ezzeddinerabih.ezzedine@gmail.com
Michel Motrandrmoutran@gmail.com


Surgical Oncology

The Department Division of Surgical Oncology provides a state-of-art management for cancer patients while delivering advanced treatments using multidisciplinary approaches. The department works closely with other divisions at HHUMC to provide cancer patients with the best comprehensive care from the diagnosis to the reconstruction surgeries and rehabilitation of cancer patients.

Physician's NameE-mail
Kassem Shmayssanikshmaissany@hammoudhospital.com

Surgical Pathology

Physician's NameE-mail
Ayman Tawilat04@aub.edu.lb
Ghazi Zaatarizaatari@aub.edu.lb
Nina Shabbns04@aub.edu.lb
Zaher Chakhachirozc04@aub.edu.lb


Vascular Surgery 
Our Vascular Surgery Department provides patients with complex conditions of the blood vessels and vascular diseases with the most comprehensive treatment. Our surgeons are experiences and performing vascular and endovascular surgeries using advanced technology.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ali Fawzidr.fawzi73@yahoo.com
Hassan  Choumanhassan_chouman@hotmail.com



The Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation is one of our main departments that leads the development of all our specialties.

It provides optimal care in anesthesia, reanimation and pain management in a high level of care, as well as academic, training and research services.

The Department of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology provides care to patients that undergo coronary revascularization including off-pump cardiac surgery, valvular surgery, mechanical assist device placement, and electrophysiological surgery annually.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Jawaddrahmadjawad1955@gmail.com
Antoine Soueiditonysoueide@hotmail.com
Atef Aliatefelali@gmail.com
Bahaa Bou Darghambahaa_boudargham@hotmail.com
Carla Daghercarladagher@hotmail.com
Lobna Othmanlobnasami22@gmail.com
Osman Maaroufmaarouf.osman@gmail.com
Rachid Abou Hamad drabouhamad@yahoo.com

The cardiology department is a unique service in Lebanon qualified to perform professional diagnosis and intervention such as: 

- Arteriography
- Cerebral angiography
- Carotid angiography
- Spinal angiography 


- Open heart surgeries
- Vascular surgeries
- Rhythm disorders
- Pacemaker and defibrillator placement
- Fully equipped coronary care unit 

To complement our technological advances, the HHUMC Cardiology Department offers a "wireless telemetry device" to monitor patient status. 

Physician's NameE-mail
Abed Ali Youssefy.abeddali@gmail.com
Abbas Alaeddineabbas.alaaeddine@yahoo.com
Abdallah Kawtharanidr.abdallahkawtharani@gmail.com
Adel Ghaddaradelghaddar@yahoo.com
Adnan Ramadandr-adnan-ramadan@hotmail.com
Afif Khafajakhafajaafif@gmail.com
Ali Fadelfadelali@hotmail.com
Ali Koweyessdrkoweyes@hotmail.com
Ali Tarrafdr.a.tarraf@gmail.com
Bassil Atallahbasselatallah@yahoo.com
Emil Slimansleimanemile@gmail.com
Firas Alidrfirasali074@gmail.com
Firas El Bitarfiraselbitar@yahoo.fr
Hicham Kaddouradr.hichamkaddoura@hotmail.com
Janah Zantoutj-zantout@hotmail.com
Jihad Ibrahimjihadibrahim1989@gmail.com
Marwan Refaatmr48@aub.edu.lb
Michel Moussamichelmoussa9@gmail.com
Mohamed Mamloukmamloukm@hammoudhospital.com
Nabil Harkousnabill_harcus@hotmail.com
Najib Assiassinajib@gmail.com
Rahif Owaidatrahifoueidat@gmail.com
Ramzi Abi Akarramzi.abiakar@gmail.com
Reda Farhatdr.farhat.rida@gmail.com;
Said Chaabansaid.intercard@hotmail.com
Samer Terrosamer_terro@hotmail.com
Sobhi El Dadasobhidada@hotmail.com 
Georges Tedytedygclinic@gmail.com
Zaher Hallaldr.zaherhallal@gmail.com

Without exception, the Dermatology Clinic provides curative and preventive, pathological and cosmetic, urgent and non-urgent, skin-related medical care. 

People seeking answers to skin, mucous membrane and nail diseases, hair loss and facial aging find the help they need at HHUMC's highly respected Department of Dermatology. Our skin specialists diagnose and treat hundreds of conditions, including rare and genetic disorders. They work closely with you to understand your dermatological needs and find the proper treatment.

Physician's NameE-mail
Hadi Hamamhadihamam@hotmail.com
Hussein Yassinedr.husseinyassine@gmail.com

The Emergency Department is considered the premier trauma center in the region. Our staff has acquired a solid experience sculpted by targeted training to improve our service in saving lives.

Specialists in the HHUMC Department of Emergency Medicine treat life-threatening conditions.

Teams of board-certified physicians, nurses, mid-level providers and other specially trained personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to treat anyone in need of emergency medical care.

Physician's NameE-mail
Samer Saadisamer.saade81@hotmail.com

Our endocrinologists offer a comprehensive approach to the screening, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic disorders including:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid disease
  • Lipid disorders
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Pituitary gland disease

HHUMC is expert in early detection of diabetes, lipid disorders, diagnostic services (thyroid ultrasound and BMD for osteoporosis) and treatment with full laboratory tests.

It should be noted that nuclear studies are being conducted at HHUMC.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Ghazzawighazzawi.dr@gmail.com
Rafic Kanaandoctorrafickanaan@hotmail.com
Wassim Saadwsaaddoc@yahoo.com
Ziad Rachidizidi63@yahoo.com

Our family medicine is available to provide consultations, disease prevention and health promotion services:

  • Screening (medical exams)
  • Vaccination
  • Health education
  • Full range of preventive and curative care.

People turn to Family Medicine for a wide range of medical, health and wellness issues, including child exams, behavioral health care, minor illnesses, chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and routine health screenings.

Physician's NameE-mail
Mohamed Lutfidrmlutfi@gmail.com
Wael Karamehdrkaramehwael@hotmail.com

The gastroenterology department includes the inpatient unit, the endoscopy and the functional explorations unit which provides diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.
Gastroenterology covers a wide range of examinations:

  • Endoscopic gastrostomy
  • Ligation
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic echo-endoscopy
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Polypectomy + biopsy, ERCP
  • Bronchoscopy

Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Moussadrahmadmoussa@gmail.com
Ali Eidali_eid78@hotmail.com
Hassan Atwedrhatwi@gmail.com
Lara Hassoundr.larahassoun@gmail.com
Majed Bahlawanmajed.bahlawan86@gmail.com
Mona Osmanosmanmona@live.com
Ossama Farhatdrofarhat@yahoo.com
Rafik Fayadfarafic@hotmail.com
Youssef Daherdr_y_d@live.com

The HHUMC oncology team is highly trained to provide the best treatment for the patient. The services of this department include:

  • Screening
  • Early diagnosis
  • Counseling and consultation services
  • Same day chemotherapy administration
  • Inpatient admission
  • Follow-up and pain management

Our physicians take the time to listen to your concerns and are committed to doing what is medically best for each patient.


Physician's NameE-mail
Fadi Farhatdrfadi.clinic@gmail.com
Hassan Younesdrhassanyounes@hotmail.com
Khaled Ibrahimibrahimkhaled.36@gmail.com
Mahmoud Wehbidr_mwehbi@hotmail.com
Wissam Houhoudr_houhou_wissam@hotmail.com

Our highly specialized infectious disease physicians provide expert diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment.

The department offers a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of fungal and mycobacterial infections, chronic diseases such as viral hepatitis and HIV, general viral diseases, and infections on implants and other prostheses.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ghinwa Dakdoukighenwadakdouki@hotmail.com
Hala Joudihala.joudi.hj@gmail.com
Maya El Sin drmsinangel@hotmail.com



HHUMC's critical care includes many divisions for close monitoring of critical patients, such as:

  • Telemetry
  • CCU
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • MICU
  • Pulmonary Medicine

The intensive care unit is where critically ill patients with life-threatening medical and surgical conditions are treated.


The HHUMC laboratory is a reference for other laboratories in the region. It covers all laboratory tests divided into divisions:
Microbiology, chemistry, therapeutic drug tests, endocrinology, hematology, parasitology, serology and molecular PCR tests.

The HHUMC laboratories ensure the biological follow-up of hospitalized patients and the urgent tests related to the clinical services of the HHUMC.

The pathology department examines cases referred from outside the HHUMC such as soft tissue pathologies.

Physician's NameE-mail
Hassan Kazma kazma.h@hotmail.com
Mohamed El Jamal drmjamal80@hotmail.com
Mohamed Zaatarizaatarimm@gmail.com
Nada Sabbahnada.sabbah@lau.edu

HHUMC's dialysis staff cares for patients suffering from renal failure at the stage of replacement therapy (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis).

HHUMC's care focuses on improving the psychological and physical health of patients, with the goal of accompanying them towards an eventual transplantation. In addition, ultrapure dialysis water is applied at HHUMC by obtaining it with an additional ultra-filter that can reduce inflammation in the patients' body during hemodialysis.


Physician's NameE-mail
Ali Ghanem dr_alighanem@yahoo.com
Hassan El Hajhajj_md@live.com
Hilal Abou Zainabhilal@abouzeinab.com
Kassem Hamadehamadekassem1@hotmail.com
Khalil Jaberkhalil-jaber@hotmail.fr
Mahdi Doghmandr.mahdii@hotmail.com
Maya Delbanimayadelbany11m@gmail.com

The Department of Neurology offers the full range of neurological technical examinations and provides medical care for adult patients suffering from central and peripheral nervous system disorders.

HHUMC neurologists and neurosurgeons provide expert and comprehensive care for adults and children.

Physician's NameE-mail
Mohamad Dboukaly_2024@yahoo.com
Sara Farhatfarhat.sarah84@gmail.com
Zoheir Moussamoussaz@hammoudhospital.com

The HHUMC team is committed to serving patients with compassion and respect in a safe and comfortable environment.
HHUMC offers iodine treatments, procedures and tests at all stages of patient care.

The gamma camera, also known as a scintillation camera, is the most commonly used imaging device in nuclear medicine. It simultaneously detects radiation and allows the acquisition of dynamic and static images of the area of interest in the human body.

Nuclear medicine therapy is a cancer treatment that uses radioactive drugs that bind to and destroy cancer cells. This therapy is an option for some people with neuroendocrine tumors, prostate cancer, meningiomas, thyroid cancer and lymphomas. It has been shown to reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and prolong life.

Physician's NameE-mail
Mohamed Chammedcham@hotmail.com

Our Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is proud of the heritage passed on by Dr. Ghassan Hammoud since 1966. The department has above 50 years of experience in providing services to women’s healthcare in Lebanon and the region. The IVF center, equipped with the most recent lab and professionals in the field, offers a world-renowned infertility treatment service.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Sraj dr.ahmadsraj@yahoo.com
Alia Shebbo shebboalia@hotmail.com
Charlotte El Hajjar ch_elhajjar@hotmail.com
Fatima El Hajj fihajj@gmail.com
Ghassan Khaled 
Hassan Moutapha hnmustafa@hotmail.com
Hussein AL Naanouh dr.alnaanouh87@gmail.com
Jihad Hammoudhammoudj@hammoudhospital.com
Joe Francis francis.joe@hotmail.com
Maha Dagher Taan  maha.dagher.taan@hotmail.com
Mahmoud Dakhloul mahmouddakhloul@gmail.com
Mira Dandashli 
Mohamad Jamil El Ghotmi 
Mohamed Jbeily jbeilyh@hotmail.com
Nada Oubaid nadasalah10@gmail.com
Nassab Rabeih nassab.alrabih@icloud.com
Nazih Bizrin-bizri@hotmail.com
Omar Hussein dromarhussein@hotmail.com
Rabeih Fakeih dr.rabihfakih@gmail.com
Rima Houmani NA
Sabah Rammal rammalsabah@yahoo.fr
Said Mekkaoui dmekkawi@cyberia.net.lb
Salim Ramadan info@srclinic.net
Sami Taan sami.taan@icloud.com
Sarah Kanso sarah.m.kanso@gmail.com
Walid Ghutmi drghutmi@hotmail.com
Wissam Oweidat 

A vast technical platform is at the service of the department to ensure screening and examinations:

  • OCT
  • Angiography
  • Scanner A
  • Scanner B
  • Visual field
  • Yag laser
  • Argon laser
  • Plus optix
  • Topography

Physician's NameE-mail
Abdo Tarhiniabdo_tarhini@yahoo.com
Ahmad Bashodrbasho@idm.net.lb
Ahmad Mokaddamdr.ahmkd@hotmail.com 
Ayman Ghaddaraymanghaddar@yahoo.com
Hani Abou Alphaaboualfa@hotmail.com
Haytham El Ballouzhelballouz@gmail.com
Maher Rabeihmaherdr@hotmail.com
Mohamed Farhatdrfarhat9@gmail.com
Nader El Hajj drhajjnader@yahoo.com
Shadi Nemerdr.shadi-nemer@hotmail.com
Sonia El Ghaouchsonia_elghaouch@hotmail.com
Walid Susanwalidsoussan@hotmail.com
Yehya Shaheenyahya.sh@hotmail.com



The Department of Otolaryngology (ENT)/Head and Neck at HHUMC is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment related to problems of the ear, nose, sinus, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery.

Physician's NameE-mail
Abdullah Kanaandr.akanaan@hotmail.com
Jamal Serhaldr.jamal.serhal@gmail.com
Mazen Hammoudhammoudmazen@hotmail.com
Mohamed Ali Natout dr_manatout@hotmail.com 

Department of Pediatrics

This department provides quality care to hospitalized children in an organized and professional atmosphere. It works in close collaboration with various departments.

The Department of Pediatrics at HHUMC covers many areas:


Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

The HHUMC Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is dedicated to providing the best care for every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

We put the needs of the patient first. Among patients, the needs of the child are unique biologically, developmentally, demographically and psychosociologically.

Physician's NameE-mail
Aref Ramadanramadanaref@gmail.com 
Bassam Joudisamjoudi@hotmail.com 
Fadia Jaafarfjaafar@yahoo.com 
Ghassan Baassiridr-ghassan-bassiri@hotmail.com
Hana Fayyad hana_fayyad@hotmail.com
Hayam Abou Khashfe dr.hiama.k.@hotmail.com 
Hussein Makkidr.husseinmakki@gmail.com 
Jana Noureddinenoureddine.jana90@gmail.com
Khalil Ostadr_khalilosta@hotmail.com 
Lara Bannout  
Maha Abou Alpha drmahaaa@yahoo.com 
Zahi Majzoubdrz.majzoub@hotmail.com

Pediatric Cardiology 

Parents seeking the best treatment for their children with congenital heart disease (present at birth) have turned to HHUMC's Pediatric Cardiology for more than 30 years. Each year, the clinic's physicians evaluate and treat hundreds of children and adolescents with congenital heart problems.


Physician's NameE-mail
Ahmad Koushtbankechtban@hotmail.com  
Elie Sawanelie_sawan@hotmail.com
Linda Daoulindadaou@hotmail.com 
Nasser Audidr.nasser.audi@gmail.com
Yehya Jassaryehyajassar@hotmail.com


Endocrinology Department

HHUMC's top-notch team of endocrinologists evaluates the relationship between nutrition and human disease to improve and maintain a person's health, and is equipped to treat a range of endocrine disorders and dysfunctions.


Physician's NameE-mail
Ghada El Hage Chehadeghadaalhage@hotmail.com


Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

We seek to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancers and blood diseases in children. Under the supervision of our physicians, our patients receive care and have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials at the forefront of current medical science.


Physician's NameE-mail
Raghida Dhayniraghida_md@hotmail.com 


Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Specialists in HHUMC's Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases evaluate, diagnose and treat children and adolescents with serious and complicated infectious diseases or infections. These highly trained experts also focus on preventing infections for high-risk patients and managing infections if they do occur.


Physician's NameE-mail
Soha Ghanemsohaghanem@hotmail.com


Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology

The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology at HHUMC specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with diseases of the digestive tract or liver. Gastrointestinal (GI) problems in children can be very different from those in adults, not only in presentation but also in the types of disease.


Physician's NameE-mail
Lydia Serhallydiahserhal@yahoo.com


Pediatric Neurology

Families seeking care for a child with a complex brain, spine or nervous system condition find the experts they need in the Division of Child and Adolescent Neurology. HHUMC’s pediatric neurologists are experienced in evaluating and treating children with many neurological conditions. Our specialists provide innovative and compassionate care that is focused on the child and family.


Physician's NameE-mail
Mohamed Bitarmbitar@hammoudhospital.com 


Pediatric Nephrology

HHUMC's Pediatric Nephrology Clinic offers comprehensive services for the full spectrum of kidney and urinary tract diseases in children.


Physician's NameE-mail
Maha Kanaandr-maha.k@hotmail.com
Mohamed Bitarmbitar@hammoudhospital.com 

Pediatric Dentistry 

Physician's NameE-mail
Bourane Ambriss b-ambriss@hotmail.com
Mohamad Chaaban drmohamadch@hotmail.com
Rafah Hamamdrhamamrafah@hotmail.com

Pediatric Surgery 

Physician's NameE-mail
Mohamed Omar HabliNA

Pediatric Intensive Care

Physician's NameE-mail
Khodor Ozoordr_ozoor@yahoo.com 

The physical therapists at HHUMC are highly educated, competent, ambitious and dynamic. They are available for consultations to help you solve your problems.
The physiotherapy department is a fully integrated service for both inpatients and outpatients.

We achieve excellence in assessment, treatment, intervention and education of patients so that they and their families are integrated into the goal setting of treatment.


Physician's NameE-mail
Amer Bachachaamorach@yahoo.com

The HHUMC Radiology Department provides interventional services, advanced procedures, accurate diagnosis and support to both inpatient and outpatient settings. It is divided into several units:

  • MRI: Our Discovery 3T with a 70cm bore, generates extraordinary high-quality images. With a single click over the entire body and reduced noise, the multimodal MRI can perform conventional MRI, diffusion, perfusion, spectroscopy and functional imaging, resulting in more accurate results.
  • VCT: The Light Speed VCT system provides highly detailed images of the human body with a low radiation dose to the patient and improves the physician's ability to diagnose patient conditions. Some of the non-invasive CT exams performed in our radiology department are: cardiac CT, total body, cerebral perfusion CT, Angio CT, lower limb CTA, carotid CTA, enteroscanner...

In addition, the HHUMC's radiological studies are integrated and archived in a PACS system (picture archiving and communication system) which is continuously updated and maintains our services at a very high level of efficiency and diagnostic accuracy.

General radiology, digital radiography with a new advanced fluoroscopy system with low radiation dose.

New and advanced digital mammography with tomosynthesis, 3D reconstruction to 2D for patient exposure to low radiation doses.
BMD for osteoporosis and Panoramic for dental radiology.

Ultrasound with its fine probes capable of performing all examinations with precision are: echo Doppler of the breast, abdomen, pelvis, carotid and blood vessels.
In addition, other procedures are performed such as biopsies under ultrasound, joint and spinal injections under fluoroscopy and CT, nephrostomy, etc.

Diagnostic Center

The HHUMC Diagnostic Center offers comprehensive tests to help specialists make a quick and accurate diagnosis in order to provide treatment options for patients, while also offering the following services: EEG, EMG, ABR, VEP, spirometry, OAE, EKG, echo cardiodoppler, stress test, renal echo & Doppler, holter monitor EKG.

Physician's NameE-mail
Ezzat BaassiriNA
Ahmad Takshahmadtaksh@hotmail.com
Hilal Skaikidrhilal.s@gmail.com
Manuel Tahaastonmartintaha@icloud.com
Ziad Neghaiwi nziad@hotmail.com

The goal of the Urology Department is to provide high quality, compassionate patient care using the latest technology and innovative procedures.
Many invasive urological procedures are performed at HHUMC, although lithotripsy is performed.

HHUMC's expert urologists offer consultations in addition to diagnostic and therapeutic urology services.
HHUMC strives to maintain standards of excellence in clinical practice while developing subspecialties in oncology, laparoscopy and pediatric urology.


Physician's NameE-mail
Abdel Majid Reslanreslanabedalmajid@gmail.com
Ahmad Nakibdr.nakib@gmail.com
Ali Kharroubi alikharroubi196@gmail.com
Ali Serhanali.serhan80@hotmail.com
Anas Hindawidr.ahindawi@gmail.com
Bassam Soujodbassamsoujod@hotmail.com
Bilal Terrodr_bterro@yahoo.com
Fouad Honeinehoneinef@gmail.com 
Imad El Hajjarimad_elhajjar@hotmail.com
Maher Hajjmaher-haj@hotmail.com 
Wael Ghanddourwael82@hotmail.com