Patient Relations Services

Patient Relations Services 

- Responds to patient inquiries.
- Receives and follows up on patient complaints to identify corrective and preventive actions.
- Responds to and assists patients' needs.
- Conducts daily inpatient visits to give patients and their families the opportunity to express their concerns, suggestions, complaints and/or feedback regarding HHUMC’s services. 

For any comments or complaints, please contact the Patient Relations Representative at 76-940034 or send an e-mail to 

Outpatient Visits
Emergency Room Visits
Babies Delivered

Visiting Hours Policy:

In order to provide your patients with the best services, we kindly request that you adhere to the visiting hours set by the administration to ensure all patients receive adequate rest, and to allow the medical and nursing staff to perform their duties.

Visiting Hours - Regular Hospital Floors

Morning Visit
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Evening Visit
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Visiting Hours - Critical Care Units

Morning Visit
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Evening Visit
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Patients and Families Rights & Responsibilities

Patient's Rights: 

To receive caring, respectful and compassionate care, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality,  religion and financial status, 

To receive care that preserves their dignity as patients and respects their human, cultural, social and religious values. 

Full respect for the confidentiality of their medical records and any other personal information. Patients’ information will only be disclosed at their request, at the request of their legal representative/s, with their express written consent, or if such disclosure is authorized by law or by a court order. 

To have someone stay with them to support them during the visiting hours. Patients have the right to refuse visits at any time. 

To be informed of the names of their doctors, nurses, and to refuse or accept the treatment given to them by their doctor/s. They have the right to obtain a second doctor's opinion at any time. 

To accurately and periodically assess their pain to better reduce it.

To Receive an estimate of the costs and detailed information about their stay and physician fees. 

To be informed by their physician of their diagnosis, treatment/surgery, the benefits and risks of the treatment, and the expected outcome, including unfortunate results, complications, and alternative treatments. 

To give written informed consent prior to the start of any elective procedure or operation. 

To be informed about voluntary organ and tissue donation.

To leave the hospital against the advice of their physician, after paying for treatment. 

The patient's wishes must be respected in any medical procedure. They have the right to accept or refuse treatment, including resuscitation, in whole or in part (the attending physician will inform the patient of the possibilities of refusing or accepting treatment without contravening the laws and regulations in force). 

If the patient is unable to express their wishes, they have the right to rely on a family member, or on a trusted person designated by the patient in a written and signed document, when deciding on the proposed treatment. 

If the patient is a minor or incompetent, the patient's legal representative will decide on the proposed treatment. 

To agree or refuse to participate in medical research studies. Patients ahev the right to withdraw from a study at any time without impacting their access to standard care. 

To take a copy of the discharge summary and a detailed medical report on their condition from the treating physician. They have the right to obtain a copy of laboratory and radiology results from the relevant departments. 

To receive instructions on their health status from the attending physician and nursing staff prior to discharge, in order to follow up on their health care routine at home.

Patients have the right to voice their concerns about HHUMC’s care. 

If they have a problem or complaint, they may contact the Patient Relations Management Department at this number. 96176940034. Any complaint will be followed up closely, ensuring that this complaint will not affect the quality of care and services provided. 

Patient Responsibilities: 

To cooperate with HHUMC’s employees and provide them with complete and accurate information, and inform theirphysicians and nurses of any emergency or change in their health status. 

To provide caregivers with information about their health, medical history, surgeries performed, medications, allergies to medications or food, etc. 

To abide by HHUMC’s rules regarding refraining from smoking and being mindful of cleanliness and noise levels at all times.

Patients are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of all HHUMC’s property made available to themduring their stay. 

Patients are asked to leave their personal valuables with their loved ones during their stay. If they wish to keep theirpersonal valuables with them during their stay at HHUMC, they will assume full responsibility for them. HHUMC will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any item. However, in special cases, patients may declare valuable belongings to their nursing staff during their stay and fill out a form for this matter: "Declaration or receipt and delivery of patients' personal effects". 

Patients are encouraged to comply with thier prescribed diet and refrain from bringing in foods unless coordinated with their caregivers. 

Providing complete and accurate information about their health insurance coverage and paying their bills in a timely manner, is highly appreciated.

Treating HHUMC’s staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect is highly appreciated.

Patients are asked to abide by the COVID-19 prevention and safety measures. Wearing masks, washing and disinfecting hands at all times, and social distancing is highly encouraged.